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Church At Home

When you eat at a name-brand restaurant, they choose where you will sit and they choose what is on the menu.  They may make a few accommodations for allergies or comfort, but basically you eat what everyone else is eating.

Home church is more like a potluck with a few of your neighbors where people  bring their own food to share. The food is the learning process. Together you bring life stories of how King Jesus is changing you. Every life will have a different story, and every story will be at a different stage. That’s the essence of home church. The menu will never be the same.

Restaurants may be “safe”, but home church is an adventure. You don’t know what people will bring and where it will end up.  It is never predictable. You can have both name-brand church and home church in your life, but home church will definitely spice up your life and give you opportunities to grow.

Jesus said: “Come follow me, I will make you, fishers of men.”

Church in the home is about how you believe, learn, grow, and share. Its not about the structure you fit it all into.

Join the Body of Christ living and loving  from around our dining room table. Everyone is not only welcomed, but it is our commissioned purpose in Christ. Matthew 28:18-20.

Loving God and loving your neighbor happens best in your home with others.

Our stylized fish drawn on a round table is a re-imagined,
secret symbol of the early New Testament house church. Attach this symbol to your mailbox, window or door to welcome people into your home.

  • Have you realized the church building is not where the Body of Christ lives?

  • Baptism makes Jesus your King. Did you know that you are now a disciple-maker?

  • Are you hungry to live more like Jesus in your home? With your family?

       In your community?

       In your world?

If You Follow Jesus, Your Home Is His Church!

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