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The traditional “weekend experience” form of Christianity is being challenged.  Discipleship is central to what the Great Commission in Matthew 28 requires of each individual Christ follower.  We are committed to re-awakening the Church to a more New Testament focus as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  Inviting neighbors to share our table is a more powerful starting place to connect people to Christ than just inviting them to church on the weekend.  The priesthood of all believers is the responsibility of all believers.  Jesus commanded us to both love our neighbor and disciple the nations and we see hospitality as the catalyst between love and discipleship.  Discipleship looks a lot like hospitality!  


The Hospitality Table, Inc. is a non-profit organization that builds strong, whole communities world-wide; from one home to another; beginning around the table sharing the love of Jesus Christ. 


The Hospitality Table's vision is that every Christ follower would share Christ's love around their table with their neighbors.  


Our three tiered approach looks like this:

1. Training/Education:

  • Biblical foundation for hospitality that looks like discipleship 

  • Simple ways to extend hospitality  

  • Reproducing the hospitality/discipleship in your home 

  • Establishing the vision, language and culture of hospitality that looks a lot like discipleship in the Body of Christ everywhere. 

2. Tables:

  • Building and commissioning Hospitality tables to launch new homes in discipleship-making. 

3. Community Empowerment

  • A training center as a focal point for discussion, training and networking that would accommodate out-of-town guests and wood-shop. Utilizing the building of tables as a launch-pad for skill training, resource development and providing jobs and incomes within communities as needed. Of course this last step will require a house or facility we can use as our training center that includes a large garage or additional structure. We are not there yet but this is the next step and we welcome anyone who would like to partner with us to make this a reality.


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